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Many thanks to Silverhawk for allowing us to use his graphics.Visit his Site to see more graphics.Click On Eagle to link.
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Thank you & Many Blessings,Danuwa analihi,Wo'ya, & Yona Waya Adonvdo

Many Thanks To Vera Dery For Her Sharing Her Four Directions Prayer To Use In Our Four Directions CD and her graphics.

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The Creator gave us a vision,Our path to walk for him is in reaching others to help them and to help spread his word,
 through the music the Creator plays through us, and the 
 branches that are made into flutes, Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes,we are his instruments.We walk in the path he has set before us.

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Thanks to Greg Bousquet  for his painting he allowed us to use on the cd inlay of Eno
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