This is Danuwa analihi Adonvdo's First Live Performance

Second Saturday, January 13th,2006. 6pm to 8pm Featured   Musician of the Month - Danuwa analhi Adonvdo playing the  Native American flute 

As part of the commitment to bring varied artistic experiences to the local community and to support local artists, DAC now features a Musician or Band each month to correlate with our Gallery Shows. 

Danuwa analihi Adonvdo is our featured Musician for January. He has been playing the traditional flute for thirty seven years. Recently he has expanded his repertoire to include the Native American flute. He believes "all is from the Creator", including his music, and he expresses his thanks to the Creator by playing for others. Adonvdo has successfully completed six CD's in one year. Some of them include, "Rainbow Warrior" which tells the Cree tribe's version of the Rainbow Warrior's prophesy through chants, flutes and drumming, "Four Directions", recently released on May 29th of 2006, revels the morning prayers of Danuwa to the four directions, and "Celebration" which ends in a thirteen minute medley comprised of his different flutes. His most recent CD "Elder Spirits" was a six month project. After ninety different demos were recorded only twelve of the best tracks were chosen. Most of these CDs will be available at Studioworks, the Dorchester Arts Center gift shop,through the month of January only. For more information about Danuwa analhi Adonvdo visit his website at

Many Thanks To Vera Dery For Her Sharing Her Four Directions Prayer To Use In Our Four Directions CD and the use of her graphics.Click above To Link To Her Site,Its Beautiful.
Danuwa analihi's Adonvdo's Flutes & Drums
              Big Brother Elk
This  one is a double sided drum with hair on made from a elk! Done on a wood frame wrapped with rope. The diameter is 16" and the depth is 5-1/2  Wide.
            Little Brother Elk
 This is 17"x3  Elk hide hand drum   with a spirit and  is mischievious.
He is Danuwa's Medicine Drum
Danuwa analihi Adonvdo will be performing at Easton Cultural Center In Easton,Maryland April 5,2007 at 11:00 Am.Danuwa ,his wife,and son Yona will have a booth with crafts and their cds on sale.
 Danuwa analihi Adonvdo(Spirit Warrior in Cherokee) is a member of the World Flute Society &  branch flutemaker,that in only just a short time has recorded 10 Cds since 2006.He plays from the heart & gives all praises & credit to the Creator,giving thanks for the music that Creator plays through him by playing for others & for the gift of flutemaking.The path we walk is for the Creator.He has been playing for 37 years as a flute player.This is a family group,Danuwa analihi Adonvdo,my wife,Wo'ya Usti Adonvdo & their son Yona Waya plays the percussions,drums & flute.Yona Waya also does the graphics for the cds,Danuwa analihi Adonvdo's wife,Wo'ya puts the cd together,she plays the percussions.The family all works together,producing the cd.As a request by his wife, son,& friends he started to record in January 2006.

The 1rst Cd, Native Roots released 1-18-06,was a limited release of 50 Cd's and each of them were customized and signed. No two were exactly alike.It is now sold out. 

The 2nd Cd, Rainbow Warriors released,3-4-06 ,is a very spiritual cd unlike Native Roots which was meditational and uplifting.It tells the Rainbow Warriors prophecy of the Cree tribe version and has chants, flutes and drums. The title "Healing" is very spiritual with voice overlays of Danuwa chanting for 6 minutes.One can only sit and imagine elders sitting around a fire in a unison prayer.

The 3rd cd "Four Directions".released 6 - 9 -06,  tells of how in the morning Danuwa says prayer to the Four directions.Four Directions Prayer Used in Four Directions was written by Vera Dery.Our thanks for the use of her prayer and graphics on the cd. It is quite spiritual to listen as each part of the prayer is followed by music."Brother Bear of the West" is a up tempo and you hear the bear sound in the background. As you get to the middle part of the Cd you find yourself relaxed and mellowed. "Celebration" as you near the end of the Cd is a 13 minute masterpiece as Danuwa uses all his flutes for this song.

 The 4th Cd is Trio,released on 6 -9 -06. It is made up of songs taken from the previous 3 Cds.It is an affordable Cd for people who are on a budget, using slim cases and less paper for the inserts makes this a Cd in which folks can afford and get the a little of all 3 Cds on it. 

The 5th Cd is "Native Roots 2",released on 6 - 30 -06 which re-releases all the tracks from the original "Native Roots" Plus extra recordings. All are mainly in flute music. Only a few songs are done with drums.

 The 6th Cd is "Brother Octagon Of The Animals",released 7- 4 -06 and has  drums, bells, rattles & flute.This cd is dedicated to,in memory & honer of Brother Octagon,He ran a non profit wild life sanctuary, on donations alone. He took in all animals, wildlife or domestic.He will be sadly missed by the animals and people.

The 7th Cd " Elder Spirits ",released 12-8-06.his was a six month project in which 90 different demos were recorded.Twelve tracks were chosen and these are the final masters.

The 8th Cd,"Songs Of The Fallen Branch" released 7-4-2007  This CD is dedicated to The Fallen Branch Tribe.The songs on this cd were created ,inspired and was a family project between "The Creator." Danuwa analihi Adonvdo & Family, & by the members of Fallen Branch Tribe Family of Fallen Branch Flutemakers.Dale  Robertson(CD Grapics) JohnSuttles(inspired Ancient Wisdom)Amos W. Fleetwood,& Harold Ruckman.

The 9th Cd"Whispers" released 10- 7 -2007.This cd is very relaxing and soothing with flutes only except one song that has bells,Eagle Soaring In Wind.$1.00 of every Whispers Cd sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research.

The 10th Cd "Elements" released 1-12 -08.All the songs on this cd (but one "Elements")was played with flutes that Danuwa analihi Adonvdo made himself and were sold on Ebay. 

The 11th Cd"Mother Earth Father Sky released 2-1-09.This cd is a mixture of lively,soothing,spiritual, happy flute music with drums, bells, & rattles.Danuwa speaks in Mother Earth & Father Sky & The Breath Of Life.The Answer was inspired by Chet Scott,Ruhr Hunter & his songs on his cd Ruhr Hunter;Moss & Memory (The Den) Thank you brother Chet Scott.

The 12th Cd "Eno "released,10-14-09.This is our 12th Cd released since January 2006.Dedicated & in honer to his Mother & Father and The Eno's.This cd is a mixture of lively,soothing,spiritual songs.The songs in Eno tell a story of Danuwa analihi Adonvdo's journey in his life,about Creator in his life, his path he walks for Creator how Creator brought his soulmate,Woya & a son,Yona Waya and gave him an instant family.The closeness & spirituality of the family in harmony with Creator, Singing & playing the songs Creator has blessed them with to share.

The 13th Cd " Journey...The Beginning Cd 1 & 2"  was released 09-18-2010.This is our very first double cd released.

The 14th Cd "Reflections" released  9/21/2010 The song Dreamland was wrote by our son Yona Waya and sang by Yona Waya & Danuwa analihi Adonvdo.

The 15th Cd ,"Kokopelli's Kaleidoscope".This cd is a turning point in our style of playing.It has a mixture hillybilly,rock,& traditional native songs.

The 16th Cd "Best Of Danuwa analihi Adonvdo" .It is our first 4 cd set. It is a compilation of the best of the 15 cds that have been released since they began recording in 2006.

The 17th V Cd Vision Of World Peace 8-3-14.his cd came to me in a vision from the Creator.It is to give hope,love,peace,& a message to all that world peace can achieved if we all work toward it together.May this cd give you the lift you need, for it is music from the Creator played through us.For we are his instruments. All praise & credit goes to the Creator.Many Blessings.

Oklahoma Flute Fest In Keys,Oklahoma,October 5-7 2008.Danuwa analihi Adonvdo & Family.
Saturday & Sunday Oct. 6  & 7th at 1:45 PM.

Queenstown,Maryland 200th Aniversary March 31,2007
Danuwa playing his Baseball Bat Flute
Danuwa playing the Around The Bend Flute
  Danuwa doing opening 4 Directions prayer at Oklahoma Flute Festival 2009. Click on link to see story online
Shape Solstice Arts Festival 
  Shippensburg,Pa.July 20,2009
 Harrisburg American MusicFest                 Showcase World Stage July 4,2009
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